Thursday, July 26, 2012

Correcting Bad Habits

Some of my reasons for my weight are... I am an emotional eater, I am a grazer, and I tend to prefer sweet tasting things over anything else. 

These are three things that I need to work towards switching around to better my life.

Emotional Eating... 
When I am depressed, I eat. When I am bored, I eat. When I am lonely, I eat.
I did a catalog of all of the guys I have dated over the years. According to my calculations, I have been dating different guys for slightly longer that half of my life. I am currently 30 years old and my relationship lengths come to a total of 15 years and 3 months. Granted this also doesn't take into account the time between the relationships either. The 15.25 years are spread over 14 different guys. And 14 different relationships that ended horribly (finding out I was being cheated on, being abused either physically or mentally -were more common than not).

Now imagine if I gained 8 lbs for every relationship. 8 * 14= 112 lbs.
From my current 240 - 112 = 128 lbs. That is actually pretty close to my target weight.

I am picturing my weight coming off at a small increment of 8 lbs. Each 8 lbs lost brings me closer to my target and will also help me to heal by letting go of mental baggage even more. 

I tend to eat food that is easy to obtain. This may be candy in a bowl a table, an ice cream bar in the freezer, chocolate chips from a bag in the cabinet. (Yes, they are all sweets- see the last heading.) I have a tendency to just grab whatever is in its final state and does not need to be made. I need to get out of this habit and start by making myself food for each meal. I am working on building a meal plan and a shopping list for what I will be eating on a weekly basis. I MUST stick to this. Since I live in a house with other people, I cannot make them stop eating things that will be tempting or unhealthy to me, so I will just have to work that much harder to maintain a strong will.

The bane of any diet or person that is trying to get healthy. Sweets are the first thing I have a craving for. I need to turn this towards fruits and vegetables. I need to work with the others in my house to maybe have them hide the sweet goodies in their room, put them in lock down, or hide them somewhere. I need to retrain my taste-buds to like other foods and not go for sugary sweets.

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