Monday, August 6, 2012

The Cruel and Heartless Bitch... Her Name is Zumba

Today I started out my workout with a Zumba class. Harmless, right? Well... mostly. The class is for an hour and after 30 minutes of participation my butt was kicked. Granted today was my very first day of zumba and less than a week of working out... but wow. Luckily my dance skills (from several years of participation) helped me have an easy time with the moves but the intensity was something else.

I am looking forward to returning to the class on Wednesday but I am not going to overdo it or push myself too hard. I need to focus on losing weight and building stamina... not having a heart attack.

Well, since today was my Cardio and Weights day... full of zumba, belly dancing, yoga, the treadmill, and weights, tomorrow will be a nice relaxing  (well somewhat relaxing) day of aquatic exercise and laps in the pool.

I am also looking for a nutritionist or dietitian to help me with better foods to eat and how much calories to take in especially when working out so that I am not "starving" my body. 

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